How do I setup the 12864 Graphical LCD?

By Default the current firmware for the Kossel and Prusa I3 are setup for the 2004 LCD, to run the 12864 LCD you will need to locate 3rd party firmware that is readily available across the RepRap community.

Where can I find the assembly instructions?

The build guide can be found on the following google drive link, in addition you will also find the firmware, and the configuration guide:
Folger Technologies - Google Drive (Prusa i3) Documentation

Folger Technologies - Google Drive (2020 i3) Documentation


How do I tune my Stepper Drivers?

Please follow the tuning guide found here:
Folger Technologies - Stepper Tuning Guide
Care must be taken well tuning the stepper, over driving the current can cause damage to the stepper driver chip. Please also note, putting your stepper drivers in backwards will most likely permanently short out your stepper driver.

I did not receive y-axis bearing holders in my kit!?

As of revision B and higher our kit these bearing holders are no longer required, please note in the guide that the LM8UU bearings now attach directly to the acrylic y-carriage using the provided zip ties.

Where do I put the y-axis endstop on revision b of the kit?

With the current kit design we prefer to put the endstop on the small bit of 8mm rod that extends past the 8mm nut on the rear lower right of the print bed platform. Putting the endstop here will allow it to hit the heated bed and give you the print area you desire.

My (X), (Y), or (Z) axis is reversed how do I fix this?

You may have reversed your motor connector on the RAMPS side, flipping the connector around should cure this problem.

What is the max resolution of this printer?

50 microns (0.05mm)

Does this kit print PLA or ABS?

All of our kits and printers are capable of printing ABS, PLA, Wood, PVA, TPE

What Temperature should I print ABS in?

Depends on the filament you are using, normally 220-235c

What Temperature should I print PLA in?

Depends on the filament you are using, normally 195-220c