USB SALEAE 24M 8CH Logic Analyzer 24M 8 Channel with Buffered Support 1.1.16 Winder

Description: (support the latest version of saleae logic 1.1.15)
Sampling speed is high:24 MHz
Logic channel sampling speed of up to 24M / s time. The general application of about 10M, enough to cope with various occasions.
8 channels
Logic 8 input - can be collected at the same time. With signal analysis, such as I2C, UART and other sampling analysis.
10 billion samples
Logic can sample up to 10 billion samples, allowing you to capture even the most elusive events.
voltage range
From logic: 5V, accepts 5.25 V, has a standard CMOS threshold logic of 0.8V low. 2.0 V logic high. The input impedance is about 1 MΩ and also see more specifications (10 pF)
Protection logic of the overvoltage protection conditions of the input resistance, and the buffer chip. Better protection of equipment for safe work.
Support the latest version: 1.1.15 version: