Frame Conversion Kit FT-5 R1 To R2

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****Usually ships in 1-3 weeks****


This includes the ACM panels need to convert your R1 FT-5 to an R2. 

This will update the following:

  • Single Z motor (includes belt and pulleys)
  • Rigid Extruder mount
  • Spool mount update
  • Updated X/Y/Z idlers

Notes: If you are using the older 2 hole cable chain you will need to drill holes in the ACM.

We are also selling second sort frames, that have defects that do not effect the functionally but might require some sanding of rough edges or clean up with a knife. These will be offered at a lower cost, and will help utilize panels that would be tossed otherwise.

What You Get:

  • All the panels and ACM small parts.
  • 5 idlers pulleys and hardware to mount them
  • Z closed loop belt
  • Misc Hardware 

This does not include any 24V upgrades.